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We have three spring interns this year, Lauren, Rachel, and Victoria. Lauren goes to UCF and Rachel/Victoria go to Rutgers. The three of them are a... read more
As an employer in 2015, there are some skills that I like our interns to have BEFORE they even start. I know that may seem harsh – aren’t... read more
This post was written by Danielle Wasserman who goes to the University of Central Florida and completed an internship with Ralph Lauren. During... read more
Happy first day of autumn!I know most of you are back on campus by now and focused on the semester ahead. Your Summer 2014 internship is now a thing... read more
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It's that time again... get a head start on the FALL 2014 school semester with a  NEW resume-building FALL 2014 internship. We have a... read more
At, we’ve run a virtual internship program for almost five years, inviting select students to join our team each semester for a... read more
Several of our Campus Ambassadors are graduating and in the middle of the job hunt, and many of them have told us about the use of Skype for... read more
A former intern of mine shared an article from Elle Magazine about “girl speak” - AKA “casual speak”. Check out the article HERE because it’s a great... read more
I’m always scanning the internship articles in the news (as that’s my job) but I found this interesting feature on about global internships... read more