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I get so many questions about career fairs. All from how to act, to what wear, to what to do. I filmed this video especially for you. I want you to... read more
When I graduated college I knew I wanted to work in LA but there were a few problems. First, I lived in Florida and not in LA and second, I didn’t... read more
Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s YouTube video is for all of the job and internship seekers who are sending out applications and going for... read more
Happy Friday everyone! I know a lot of you are getting ready to enjoy your weekend! Each Friday, my team and I host a call that we like to call "... read more
This blog post was written by Courtney Pelot, our University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Ambassador. There comes a time in every young woman’s... read more
I recently spoke to one of our interns and she expressed her fear of not landing a job before graduation, noticing that other people are getting jobs... read more
Chicago-area students! Are you looking for a fun part-time opportunity during your internship? Vichy is looking for freelance, part-time sales... read more
We have three spring interns this year, Lauren, Rachel, and Victoria. Lauren goes to UCF and Rachel/Victoria go to Rutgers. The three of them are a... read more
We love promoting all of the content on the best places to work in America. This week, they released the top 25 best jobs in America.... read more
Our team is always finding useful articles for us to share and our Campus Programs Managers, Shayna, sent me this one yesterday. I LOVE this post... read more