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A few years ago a job in social media would be considered a job in advertising. This would mean that a person interested in working in advertising... read more
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Hi Everyone! I want to officially welcome you to 2018! It's the very first week of the new year and I'm already excited for what's... read more
When I graduated college I knew I wanted to work in LA but there were a few problems. First, I lived in Florida and not in LA and second, I didn’t... read more
Happy Friday everyone! I know a lot of you are getting ready to enjoy your weekend! Each Friday, my team and I host a call that we like to call "... read more
I recently spoke to one of our interns and she expressed her fear of not landing a job before graduation, noticing that other people are getting jobs... read more
Today more than ever, internships are the key to getting a post-grad job - even if you've already graduated. Internships are often the stepping... read more
Stage 1: Excitement, Eagerness and Enthusiasm Three months ago, I walked out of Kenan Stadium at UNC Chapel Hill where I was one of 35,000 graduates... read more