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Hey everyone! I am super excited to share today’s highly requested video. So many of you have been asking for a tutorial on how to do your makeup in... read more
This week I thought we'd talk a little about something we all go through... STRESS. That's right, I remember being stressed in high school, then... read more
As everyone continues to prep for back-to-school, I’m over here in Intern Queen land, powering up to get back to work. I’ve had a summer of vacations... read more
This is a guest blog post written by, Sarah Greenberg from The Happy College Girl.  Hey, college girl, One of the biggest parts of college is... read more
This is a guest blog post written by Lesley Vos, a private educator from Chicago and blog writer for Bid4Papers. October 5 is World Teachers' Day... read more
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Every semester, tons of our Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors take advantage of the amazing opportunity to study abroad. This Spring, we wanted to... read more
This is a guest blog post written by student writer Jenn Crim.There are a lot of things for which I'd be willing to go into debt. A house, a trip... read more