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The Matthew Shepard Foundation is an LGBT non-profit organization with a mission to spread love and erase hate. I recently spoke to... read more
Today I wanted to share another storytime video with you since I got so many comments and messages about the video we posted a few weeks ago.... read more
Social Media is a new career that takes skills from the Public Relations and Marketing fields. Companies are looking for students who are experts at... read more
This is a guest blog post written by Holly Nelms, a writing intern at In this day and age, nearly everyone seems to have some... read more
Students often ask me if employers are looking at their social media profiles prior to hiring them. Can you guess my answer? My answer is YES!... read more
This is a guest blog post written by Alumni Ambassador Christina Nguyen.  We’re all addicted to social media. Every time we meticulously... read more
Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic week. Here at the Intern Queen office we're having a really busy week... read more
Finals season is upon us - can you believe it? As you’re wrapping up your school year, you’re also looking for an internship (or a second... read more
Summer internship season is still in full swing and we keep getting more and more internships up on the site. Public Relations has to be on of the... read more
Here’s the deal. An employer can put you at the top of their list for an internship or job. They might think the world of you. If they see an... read more