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We live in a world that is all about networking! Pitching yourself or company is very important if you are looking to grow. You have to cater your... read more
Happy Wednesday everyone! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the week! A lot students often email me to ask me how they can improve... read more
Hey University of Oregon! Thanks to Campus Ambassador Kevin Loder's hard work, I’m coming to campus this Wednesday, June 3rd!!I’ll be... read more
Hey PACE University I’m coming to your campus today April 23rd!I’ll be talking about internships and how to rock your first job, so come... read more
Hey University of Indianapolis, I'm coming to campus TOMORROW, April 9th!I'll be talking all about internships and how to rock your first job... read more
Are you a student at the University of Pittsburgh? I will be speaking at your school NEXT WEEK, Monday, April 8th! I am so excited to meet you all... read more
If you live in the area, be sure to come hear me speak at: SUNY Oneonta Wednesday, February 27th at 8pm in the Hunt Union Ballroom and... read more
Calling all University of Arizona Students: The InternQueen (Lauren Berger) is coming to your school on April 10th, 2012! She will be speaking at... read more
I had the privilege of visiting Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York this week. Whenever I come to New York City - it's always a treat.... read more