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Grad School Tips  blog image
It's that time of the year again. Graduation is upon us and many students are beginning to question whether they want to attend grad school.... read more
6 Tips for Phone Interview Success blog image
This is a guest post written by previous Intern Queen intern, Allison Goldstein. Let’s state the obvious: a phone interview can be a fairly... read more
7 Steps to Landing a Summer Internship   blog image
It’s summer internship season and you need advice, we know. So here you go. These are 7  steps that I want you to follow  to land... read more
Internship Tips Ft. Lavendaire blog image
A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Aileen, also known as Lavendaire for her podcast. We talked about some important tips and tricks for successfully... read more
How to Land Your Dream Job at Disney Ft. Our Alumni Alexa! blog image
  Are you obsessed with everything Disney? Maybe it’s even your dream job to work at Disney! This week’s video is all about how to land... read more
What NOT to do at an Interview!  blog image
I’m so excited for today’s brand new video! I’m introducing you to my (pretend) twin sister Boren. She is helping me show you the things you should... read more
Spilling JUICY Secrets From My Book!  blog image
All Work, No Pay is the ultimate go-to when you are preparing for that special internship or job interview! As the Intern Queen, I want you... read more
The Crazy Sticker Challenge!  blog image
Lately I've noticed a trend among many college students- stickers on their computers! I wanted to switch things up a bit on the YouTube channel today... read more
5 Ways to Excel in Your PR Internship blog image
This is a guest blog post written by Vanessa Fioravante-Cuomo, Principal of ANDER & Co. Congratulations! You were offered the PR intern... read more
The Employer’s Perspective on Interviews blog image
Interview advice is widely covered on our site. At the bottom of this blog, we’ll include a list of interview blogs and videos that we’ve posted over... read more