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9 Resume Hacks! blog image
As the Intern Queen I spend a lot of time looking through lots of students’ resumes! I come across amazing students that I know have what it takes to... read more
NEW Summer Internships! 	 blog image
Welcome to Summer internship season- my favorite! I like to think of March as that month where companies start looking through resumes for their... read more
Thank You Note Tutorial!  blog image
You know I'm big on thank you notes. I always say that sending that thank you note can be the deciding factor between landing and not landing the job... read more
5 Things You Should NEVER do at Your Internship blog image
Fun fact about me: I’m still friends with the some of the same people I interned with while I was in college.  And, as we were hanging out the... read more
7 Out of the Box Ways to Land a Summer Internship blog image
Today I’m going to step outside to tell you some out of the box ways to land an internship! Summer internship season is creeping up on us and I... read more
How to Make the Most of Your Experience Abroad blog image
This is a guest blog written by Kat from Study Abroad Apartments. Whether you’re studying in Florence, or interning in Madrid, sometimes it can be... read more
EveryDay Makeup Tutorial for Work/School!  blog image
Hey everyone! I am super excited to share today’s highly requested video. So many of you have been asking for a tutorial on how to do your makeup in... read more
Spend the Weekend Applying for These Internships blog image
The deadlines for summer internships are quickly approaching. Don't let the days pass you by! We have some great internship opportunities for you!... read more
How to Get Your Dream Job at E!  blog image
A few weeks ago I met up with one of our alumni ambassadors- Morgan who now works as a publicity coordinator at E! This is definitely the dream job... read more
5 Lessons I Learned from Interning blog image
This blog was written by our Alumni Ambassador Hillary who graduated from Virginia Tech . 1. Don't be too hard on yourself- You're an intern, not... read more