Body Language

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Body Language

This is a guest post from our campus ambassador Ashley Otis from Columbia College.

The ability to translate the way your body “speaks” to you so you know and understand what your body can and cannot handle when making your class, work, or social schedule(s) can save you from a World of stress, bad health and exhaustion. Become familiar with your body’s limits and understand what it is and is not fully capable of doing. You know the saying, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”? It’s good to get into lots of activities and events while in school but not when it’s come to a point where your body can’t physically handle it.

So, how do you know? If you find yourself to be extremely tired or exhausted every day, you may be doing more than your body can handle. If you can’t get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep in before waking up the next morning, you may want to reschedule or think twice about those particular activities or classes that won’t allow you to get the rest your body needs.

If you’re stressing out, it may be because your body is “upset” and needs a break from the cramming (ooooh the cramming). Try not to let your assignments pile up too high. “Knock them out” or get them done as soon as you can. When you don’t feel like it, make yourself feel like it and get it done! LOL Do your homework the day or night it was assigned. Doing this will make things much easier on you. It won’t seem like you have a ton of work to do if you do a little bit every day and not all at once. Secondly, you don’t always have to hang out all through the night. Your friends get tired too. They’ll understand. You have the entire weekend to do whatever you want. You don’t want to regret staying up late last night when you can barely wake up for class the next morning.

Lastly, create your schedule according to what your body can handle. Don’t just schedule it because you have the time. Physically, you may not really have that time to spare. Of course you won’t know this right off the bat but you’ll get the feel of how your body responds to your schedule gradually as you continue through the school year. Luckily, you have second semester to adjust your schedule. Everyone&s body reacts in different ways so its up to you to be able to translate and recognize those reactions and do something about it so that you won&t have difficulty going about your day.