From the bottom to the top in 2 years

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From the bottom to the top in 2 years

This guest post is from our Campus Ambassador Dalida Umuhire from Texas State University.

While I was in High School, I was afraid of not getting into a college or university. Instead of going home early like the majority of my graduating class, I signed up for dual credit classes and Journalism and Broadcasting courses. I spent a majority of my senior year working hard in all my classes as well as remaining involved in extracurricular activities.
I entered college with 18 credit hours and experience in my field of interest. As I declared my major, I found out that my degree required me to take 4 semesters of foreign language courses. With French being my 2nd native language, I decided that I would attempt to test out of the courses. So then, I took a foreign language Clep exam and got an additional 6 credit hours. I also took two courses during one of my summer breaks while in college.

Enough about me, here are a few steps that you can take to get ahead in High School and stay ahead while in you are in College;

High School:
• Take IB or AP Courses: As hard as they might be, they are worth the college credits in the end.
• Dual Credit: Sign yourself up and take college level courses while still in High School.
• Be involved: Join different organizations, Student Council, Interact, etc.

• Clep Exams: Test out of several courses that you feel are easy for you
• STUDY: Find different methods of studying, because college is very different from High School.
• Community College: Take some of your tough or easy classes at your school or a community college in your hometown during the summer or winter breaks
• Get involved: Join an organization, Greek life, or intern
• Network: Go to events, make connections and talk to people
• Intern: Start applying for internships