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BrandYourself: Monitor Your Online Reputation

Kim is studying Marketing and Computer Science at New York University's Stern School of Business. She is passionate about startups, and has been working in tech since junior year of high school. She is currently spending the semester in Prague, interning at Tech Hub and E[nstitute], while juggling other responsibilities at foursquare, Intern Queen, NYU VSA, NYU Restaurateur Club, Tech@NYU, and Stern Student Council.

Pete Kistler was puzzled.

He wasn’t receiving any job offers, despite being perfectly qualified. He had sent out a bunch of applications and resumes – only to hear back from next to no one.

After further investigation, Pete realized that employers were Googling his name and stumbling upon another Pete Kistler of similar age and location – who was arrested for being a drug dealer.

BrandYourself was born from Pete’s dilemma – after fixing his results with simple SEO techniques, he realized that there was no easy way for students and professionals nationwide to quickly and cheaply “search engine optimize” (SEO) their name. The tool Pete and his friends created, BrandYourself, is a dead simple way to better your personal search results – which is especially critical during your job/internship search.

In a recent Cross-Tab study, 75% of HR departments are expected to research candidates online, and 86% of employers believe that online reputations influence hiring decisions. Don’t get intimidated by these numbers, however – BrandYourself can make this seemingly difficult process painless and easy.

They provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to both monitor and improve your search results. BrandYourself provides simple, actionable steps for SEO that is even understandable to complete n00bs; from little tricks to improve your page to optimizing your Twitter profile.

In addition to this active management of your online reputation, BrandYourself also provides you a new outlet for you to showcase yourself and your Interwebz savvy; you can create an SEO-optimized BrandYourself profile, aggregating your social links – all on a gorgeous landing page!

For those looking to explore SEO and improve their search results, BrandYourself is your best bet. Their free plan lets you optimize up to three links – plenty for those starting out on improving their online presence. There are premium options should you want to get more advanced and in-depth with your monitoring.

If you want to be in complete control of how potential employers are seeing you, do yourself (and your online reputation) a huge favor by checking out BrandYourself – because getting confused for a drug dealer is not a good way to start your job search :)