Breaking Lazy Break Habits

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Breaking Lazy Break Habits

This blog is written by Amanda G., our Campus Ambassador at Providence College. She is studying English and Business and will graduate May 2013. She hopes her internships at the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and Planned Television Arts (Ruder-Finn) will help her land an entertainment marketing position in New York City.

If I asked each of you what you were looking forward to about winter break I’m sure I could guess the responses. Home cooking, friends and family, and catching up on sleep would probably top the lists. The really motivated people out there are thinking about making time to catch up on work and apply for internships, but most students avoid any chances of ruining their relaxation.

Well, I have a secret to tell you. You will be way less stressed if you have a productive break. Don’t get me wrong, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of being home is sleeping in my own room, yet I’ve also learned that being lazy over break can be destructive for me.

Doing nothing over break is really fantastic when you’re still on break, but inevitably you’ll have to go back to school. And if your school is anything like mine, you will be hit with a ton of work on day one. All of the stress of classes will come flooding back within a week, and you’ll want to start the semester out strong and stay on top of all your assignments. This will make you put off looking for or following up with internships until before you know it, the pressure is on with approaching application deadlines. Your anxiety rises to the same high level it was at right before break, when you wanted nothing more than to be home lounging around all day for weeks.

I bet you can see where I’m going with this… if you spend just a little bit of time over break looking into internships, or standardized testing preparation, or grad school applications, or whatever other huge, non school related obligations you have, you will be all set to focus on school by the time you get back.

You may have heard this before—I have—but I also know how tempting it is to put all of that off until suddenly break is over. So let me encourage you now, before finals have deprived you of too much sleep and writing a to-do list for break is the last thing on your mind. Seriously consider how much better your second semester will be without the stress of preparations for the coming summer or fall hanging over your head. I promise you’ll have plenty of time for all the fun and restful activities you pictured would fill your break. A small sacrifice now will really pay off in a month or two.