Building Your Social Media Presence through Facebook: IQ Man Style

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Building Your Social Media Presence through Facebook: IQ Man Style blog image

Building Your Social Media Presence through Facebook: IQ Man Style

This blog was written by Jake Tenanbaum from Ithaca College.
You probably have joined the other 500 million other users to a point where you know the site in and out. But what do you use Facebook for? We will start by discussing the various aspects of one’s Facebook page from top to bottom. If you aren’t using timeline, you should be.

At the very top of the page, you have a cover photo. What does your cover photo say about you? Think of the cover photo as a theme to (insert your name here.) Are you outdoorsy? How about professional? A traveler? Mold your cover photo to reflect you! As an outdoorsy person, maybe you have a photo of yourself climbing, or camping, or just nature in general. As a professional, perhaps you have a photo of one of your big projects or a meeting you hosted. And as a traveler, whip out one of your international pics. These are all options that can tailor your page to you.

Additionally, there have been multiple individuals in the social media realm who design their cover photo to highlight their presences. For instance, some social media users design their photo to reflect their various accounts.

The nice thing about designing your cover photo is that it doesn’t have to stop at a photo. This is the perfect opportunity for you to begin utilizing programs like Adobe Photoshop or inDesign. Get creative! Maybe you will make a collage or design a business card. Remember, the key to a social media presence is that you are you the whole way through. Be genuine, be authentic, be you.

Let’s move down the page. Add as much information as you feel comfortable with. Be proud of your accomplishments. Talk about the places you’ve worked, your hobbies, and you. However, politics can be dicey. If you are looking for specific jobs, perhaps an internship with a political party, or a job relies on your political affiliation, then maybe, otherwise, try to stay clear of angering the masses. This goes for all pretty personal information: religion, politics, and sexual information. The general feeling is, if you wouldn’t talk about it in an interview, don’t talk about it online.

Shifting down to the infamous statuses. First of all, let’s get one thing clear: once it is out there, it will always be out there. You may delete it, but you may find that it will come right back to haunt you. Steer away from negatives about people, places and things. If you wouldn’t bad-mouth someone to his or her face, don’t do it online. Secondly, employers HATE to see TGIF and other negatives about your feelings toward their company. Just don’t write it! You don’t have to code anything, and we all love Fridays, but there is no need for it online. Lastly, the picture thing: the “grandma rule” plays well again and again –if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, it’s simply not appropriate. There are no need for pictures of you drinking, smoking, or acting sexual. Save it for your personal photo albums, but please keep it offline!