Building Your Social Media Presence through Twitter: IQ Man Style

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Building Your Social Media Presence through Twitter: IQ Man Style blog image

Building Your Social Media Presence through Twitter: IQ Man Style

This blog was written by Jake Tenanbaum from Ithaca College.

Twitter’s popularity grew immensely in 2007 after South by Southwest (or SXSW). The social media giant is an excellent way to simply talk. Talk about you feelings, or about news, something you love, or something you hate. Tweeters have been tweeting about everything under the sun, and it’s gotten the attention of companies everywhere. However, with you talking all the time, it often means that someone out there is listening. I try to keep my Twitter like I keep my Facebook –clean and professional. I try and stay positive, and never use profanity. Further, I like to keep personal issues away from the “Twitterverse.”

But, “how why do people care what I have to say, I mean, I’m not THAT interesting,” is something you may ask yourself before creating your own Twitter account. And to that I say, everyone has something important to say because businesses thrive on consumer research. So whether your Tweeting about the recent movie you just watched, or how much you love the newest boy band, or even how much you dug the recent Apple ad, people want to know.

Just a little more about Twitter. For one, Twitter is not Facebook. One cannot ‘like’ a tweet, though one can favorite it and/or retweet it. As your retweets and “mentions” (when someone tweets to you) increase, your popularity increases as well. Again, it is so important to realize that as much as you think staying private might help, it really doesn’t! If you want to build your own personal brand, it’s time to go public! Unlock the gate and take lead of your followers.

Last, but not least, it is hugely important to realize what a company might do in various situations, in relation to your Twitter. If you are applying to a company, it is strongly suggested you follow that company on Twitter and get your voice heard! Tweet at them! Compliment them!
Follow them and learn more about the inner workings of the company!

Now, if you are upset with a company, you can try reaching out to them in a calm and meaningful manor. The marketing industry is taking extreme notice of brands like JetBlue who use their Twitter so strategically, that their customer relations are ranking high. However, it is extremely important to emphasize that one must reach out calmly! There is no need for profanity or harsh language, especially if you are looking for some sort of redemption or apology.

Twitter is an excellent tool for keeping up with a brand or company, along with your peers. My favorite reason for liking Twitter is that anyone can access it! If public, one’s Twitter feed can be accessed via Twitter, a mobile application, text, email and even an RSS feed! I also love Twitter because one can learn so much news and information so rapidly and timely that a quick scan over various brands can make you as prepared for an interview as days of research (but still do your research.)