Can College Grads Intern?

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Can College Grads Intern?

Ask The Intern Queen

Q: (from @AliciaC20O)@InternQueen I graduated last December but found an internship that only wants current students. Should I still try to apply?

A: Hi Alicia! Thanks for the note. Over the past two years, I've seen an increase in college grads looking for internships. Many employers have formal HR policies in place that prevent students that cannot get college credit from interning. That being said, the smaller/boutique employers normally do not have these policies. In fact, a few employers even look for college grads. Off the top of my head, I know the David Stark Design Company on my website,, looks for recent college grads. Good luck with your search and don't let rejection get you down. Keep trucking along :)

xo Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"