Can I Wear a Sleeveless Top To An Interview?

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Can I Wear a Sleeveless Top To An Interview?


Q: @internqueen Is it okay to wear sleeveless blouses to interviews?

-Brandi (@brandlew84)

A: Hi Brandi-

When I was watching 90210 a few weeks ago, Annie had an internship interview and wore something sleeveless with her bra straps sticking out. I felt embarrassed watching the episode - who dresses like that for an interview? When I think of a sleeveless top, I immediately think of bra straps falling out or showing (even if its just a little bit) which is completely inappropriate. I say that your shoulders should be covered for the interview. My suggestion for men and women is always to go with a standard business suit. For females, if you want to switch it up and wear a skirt (of decent length) that's fine. You can absolutely wear a sleeveless top under a suit jacket. In fact, when I moved to Los Angeles, my go-to outfit for job interviews was a white sleeveless top, black suit jacket, black suit pants, black pointy-toed heels, funky silver necklace (to show my personality), and stud earrings. Once you get the job or internship, the dress code might allow sleeveless tops, and that's fine but not for the interview.

Good luck! I expect big things!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"