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Have you heard the BIG news?! Today we’re launching a brand new video series specifically on our Facebook page! We’re calling it #IQTV!  For... read more
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It’s summer internship time! This week I’ve been getting lots of student emails asking if there is still opportunity to intern this summer. My answer... read more
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Summer internship season is here! If you haven’t landed that summer internship yet, no worries there are still plenty of companies looking for... read more
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This is a guest blog post written by Cindy Kaplan & Angela Silak, Co-Founders, Hollywood Resumes. Choosing a Hollywood internship can be tough... read more
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2017 is the ideal opportunity to go on an international adventure, meet interesting people from all over the world and gain professional experience... read more
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We recently had a blog about Summer internships in Chicago. Since then a lot of other companies have been looking for interns in the windy city this... read more
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You need an internship this Summer but you’re on a budget and can’t move. Don’t worry about it! In this day in age you can work on an internship... read more
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Every Thursday I like sharing a new list of summer internships for you to apply for and this week we’ve been posting so many new internships I didn’t... read more
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I've noticed a recent change with students. A few years ago I would reach out to them to tell them they needed to get involved. Now students reach... read more
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Hey guys! Summer internship season is here! Students always ask me about when they should start applying for summer internships and my answer is: NOW... read more