Check Out My Canvas!

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Check Out My Canvas!

This blog was written by Sara Newton, our University of Central Florida campus ambassador. She's a part of our fashion blogging committee.

Check Out My Canvas

As the spring semester swings into full effect all eyes are on the new fashion trends. What’s hot and what’s not? Monday rolls around and the hallways are filling with fashionistas quicker than you can scan outfits. This spring supports bright neons, bold colored skinny jeans and backpacks. Yes, I just said backpacks. I’m not talking about your middle school zebra print JanSport backpack. I am talking about a patterned canvas backpack.

This craze is taking over campus’ one fashionista at a time! In order to be worthy of the spring fashionista scan you need this backpack. Juicy Couture, Urban Outfitters even the marvelous Jeffrey Campbell are all designers luring you to purchase this new trend!

Why are these bags so stylish you ask? This fun new fashion statement is a great way to express your personality. Not only are these bags available in the season’s best colors, they come in your favorite patterns. Floral, and wovens, and polka dots! Oh my!

So fashionistas, make the school bag change! Carry all your goodies in the most stylish backpack on campus.