Chic It Up: Office Style

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Chic It Up: Office Style

This a guest blog from the fabulous Emily F.!

You have landed your dream job or internship, now what? When I asked myself that very question, the first thing that popped in my head was “I need to go shopping.” (DUH! That’s everyone’s natural train of thought right?!!). You have already wowed enough people with your well-spoken, professional, but still wildly adorable self to land the job, but now the true test comes. Your first day. The impression you want to give is one that says you are fit for the job, but you also have a sense of style.

Most office newbies have been trained to think the plain old suit, white cotton button down combo is the obvious go-to work look. Not that there is anything wrong with the classic suit, I just think there are so many great work appropriate looks out there. Tailoring is going to be one of your new best friends as you enter the working world. If the separate pieces of your outfit fit you like a glove, you can certainly get away with adding a touch of personality with a fantastic colored shoe or accessory.

I am a huge fan of lists, grocery lists, to-do lists for school or work, as well as a clothes wish list (everyone has one of those too right??!). So naturally I have made a list of the important work basics everyone should have. Fingers crossed, you should be able to mix and match these pieces with ones in your current wardrobe.(If not, we have some work to do girlfriend!!) Some of these items might not be the classic work wear you are used to, but I am a firm believer in spicing it up a bit everywhere you go, which now includes the office ladies!

Tailored pant: Personally I like the ones from J. Crew or even Banana Republic. They are classic fits, and come in tons of colors. Do not be afraid of a tweed, pinstripe or textured pant. You will be able to wear them just as much as a solid color, and they give a subtle visual texture that is pleasing. Word of advice: steer clear of any pleating, it just never works.

Button-down: The classic white is always a crowd pleaser, but depending on your work environment, look for a button-down with details that make it extra special. Ruffles, bold stripes or even a vibrant rich color can turn this look into a showstopper! You will be surprised at how well these types of shirts can work into your wardrobe just as well as the classic white.

Blazer: This one is a no-brainer. A blazer can make just about any outfit that much more chic, whether it is casual or work appropriate. Try getting one that hits you just at your hips, for the most flattering fit. Also, just because it is a blazer, it does not mean it has to match a pair of pants!! If it is a neutral color, like tan, black or navy, it will go with just about every bottom you own.

Blouse: With this one, be careful of the sheer factor. These days it seems like there is a rise in the sheer shirt, which I LOVE, but not for the workplace. Luckily the fashion geniuses make camisoles in just about every color, so throw one of those puppies on and you are good to go! Your blouse is where personality can really shine through. Little details like a bit of sparkle, ruffles, and pleats can elevate your blouse to something fabulous! Boutiques are good places to find these special shirts.

Shoes:  I don’t think I have ever met a girl who does not LOVE shoes, so this one should be fun! Now personally, my dream is to have my very own pair of Christian Louboutins, but that will take quite a few paychecks to work up to. The classic nude or black pump is essential, but also mix it up a bit! Textures like snakeskin or even leopard print can really add an unexpected twist. Nine West and most department stores are great places to check for work appropriate shoes. Also, while shopping for these be mindful of the heel height, considering you will have to wear them all day!!

Accessories: Save the best for last as this is where you can really have some fun! Add a chunky necklace, a completely gorgeous teal earring or a huge cocktail ring and BAM!! Accessories are the icing on top of the wardrobe and are the easiest, and cheapest way to showcase your personality. Forever 21, with their affordable finds, is the best place to unleash this part of your work wardrobe.

Fashion should be FUN! Just because you are at work, your own style should not take a complete backseat. If you stick to classic basics and add your personality with the accessories or special details, you can’t go wrong! I think the most important thing is to wear what you absolutely love and you will automatically carry yourself with confidence that everyone will notice. And confidence is always your best accessory.