Chin Up: A Guide to Pull-Ups

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Chin Up: A Guide to Pull-Ups

This blog was written by Catherine Bronzo, our Campus Ambassador at UCLA.

Did you know that the average man can only do one pull-up even when in great shape!? I didn't and quickly realized why!

As a goal for 2012, I want to be able to do thirty pull-ups consecutively. The health benefits are out of this world and it will get you into amazing shape extremely fast. So thinking I can do everything and that I'm superwoman, I attempted my first pull-up thinking it would be easy since I have a lot of strength… well… um… I kind of just hung there and couldn’t pull myself up the slightest...embarrassing! I stepped back and accepted that my weak little muscles could not handle this challenge right away and that I had to gradually work my way up. I went back to my dorm and searched out plans online and found a foolproof plan, it's easy, fast (perfect for that busy college student like me) and effective! I can already do one pull up and it's only been about two weeks. Within the next six weeks, I'm aiming for fifteen.

So click the link below to find a simple way to achieve the best workout for your upper back in 8 weeks:

If you were like me and just hung there awkwardly, you're going to have to start from the basics, which is Week 2.

If you can do a few pull-ups but want to achieve more, you'll be more advanced and can start at Week 1.

Either way, you'll get there. Imagine being able to pump out 20 pull-ups! We'll do this together and maybe impress some guys and gals along the way…

Okay, let's get moving on this plan… Ready, Set, Go!