Choosing the Right College for You

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Choosing the Right College for You

This blog was written by Sierra our High School Ambassador for Lee M Thurston High School. If you attend Lee M Thurston HS and would like to blog for us, comment below.

For High School Upperclassmen and recent graduates, a question that is heard multiple times is, “Where are you going to college?” For some of us, this question is as easy as pie. For others, “Undecided University” has been the number one school for some time. For those who are nearing the end of their High School Career, it is very important to have at least 3 top college to attend/apply to.

When trying to decide on a college to call your own, it is very important to take a few things into thought:

  • Major/Interest of Study: What do you plan on going to college for? Thinking about this question helps to narrow down the list of possibilities. Try to do research on schools that specialize in the subject. When college shopping, check out how many people graduate from the major each year. This could help you out more than you think.
  • Location: Want to stay close to home or are you going miles and miles away? Planning on being in a big city or are you a small town gal? Looking at colleges in certain areas will give you an idea of the community you want to live in. It’ll also help you eliminate schools in places that you don&t want to live in
  • Tuition Costs: Tuition plays a large part in choosing a school. No one ever plans on paying big bucks, but the dilemma still remains. If can’t afford spending a lot of cash of school, go for schools that won’t kill your pocket. If you’re willing to pay for your education, then you know what type of schools to look at.
  • Student Life: Student life can mean clubs, to Greek Life, to activities to engage in. If you want to join a fraternity/sorority, then find a place that offers a fun Greek system. If you just have to write, then find a school with a campus magazine or newspaper. College isn’t only about the classes you take, it’s about the memories you make.
  • School Name/Reputation: Looking at the statistics about a college can help with your decision. For example, students that attend HBCU’s are looking for a cultural experience while students who attend Ivy League schools are looking for tip-top quality. Figure out what you want from you college experience and choose a school that will give it to you the best. These ARE the best four years of your life!

Picking the right school for you can take some thinking, but it will be all worth it in the end. One thing I left out of the list is college tours, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Take the time to visit schools to make your final decision.