The City of Lights, City of Dreams

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The City of Lights, City of Dreams

This blog was written by Andrew Gregor our Campus Ambassador from the University of Hartford.

Internships are available everywhere! Some are out in the open waiting for interns, some hidden needing to be found. You can practically intern in any location. Some commute by car or train. Some don’t even have to leave home thanks to virtual internships. And then there are some who dream big and move to intern! That’s me, I honestly think about moving to New York City to intern everyday.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I am currently going to college in Connecticut. I have been living here for almost twenty years. I think you can understand when I say I am a little over The Constitution State. I have been to The Big Apple many times and it never gets old. The energy, the people, the fashion, the fast-pace lifestyle, it is everything I desire.

I am a fan of doing, not saying. So when I couldn’t get the thought of interning in New York out of my head, I decided that it had to happen. The plan: intern in New York during the summer of 2012. So I decided I needed to give myself time to start saving, about one year.

I decided to make the bold move to slightly increase my student loans in order to pay for a summer apartment, a move that I know will be well worth the slight increase in money I owe. Now that I knew where the money was going to come from to pay to live in New York, I realize I now need money to eat, do laundry, go out, travel, and do other things to be able to fully experience what the city has to offer. I decided I wanted to save two thousand dollars by the time I pack up and move. Yes, it seems like a bit much but I would rather be safe than sorry.

I make about 100-180 a week at my job. I will have my job until I move to New York. Being a college student I also have small bills and things to buy. Here is how I mapped out my saving and spending:

Monthly income: $720

Monthly bills: $105

Monthly spending money: $70

Total savings for NYC a month: $545

This means in less than four months I should be able to afford to intern in New York! I am starting to save early just in case some money needs to be spent on things such as car repairs and other problems. I hope this blog motivates other future interns out there to get up and move to intern in their dream city!

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