College App-rehensions 2.0

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College App-rehensions 2.0

This blog was written by Elyse Hill our High School Ambassador from Spring Creek Academy. If you attend Spring Creek Academy and would like to blog for us, comment below.

It&s 12:00 in the morning. I still haven&t recovered from yesterdays eight hour shift at Ralph Lauren. “Hi, so and so, how are you today? Have you shopped here before?” This soundtrack was beginning to feel like a horrible replay of bad summers. The clock strikes 12:30. I still haven&t mastered those fourteen vocabulary words from SAT prep class that I should&ve studied before work. Ten pounds of stress have officially been added. 1:00 in the morning arrives. I still haven&t written my college essay that&s due in four months. Make that fifteen extra pounds of stress, twenty if I&m really vulnerable. It&s 1:30 in the morning. I have yet to recover from work, study vocabulary words, or begin my college essay. What does that equate to? Approximately 35.5 pounds of stress and 24 ounces of tears. Thank you Summer of 2011, you have treated me kindly (just kidding).

With tough critics and a judgmental conscience, balancing fears, doubts, and perplexed states can become the ultimate college app challenge. During the beginning of summer, I was sure that getting accepted into my first choice university would require more than a polished resume and a few lucky wishes. Throughout previous high school years, application apprehensions never crossed my mind. It was a foreign thought that sprung onto me like a blindsided 3 a.m. epiphany- completely unexpected and extremely unsettling. I learned to combat this problem by relying on the encouragement of my parents. They helped me realize the truth- I may not retain more vocabulary words than Ms. Merriam Webster, but my studying will surely pay off.

This tense season seems eternities away from freshman year when everybody wears “Joe Bro” t-shirts, and it feels entirely too long during senior year when you rediscover your love for the Spice Girls. Somehow between then and now, growing up has come to play and college applications are the last hurdles to everybody&s success. So fellow seniors, lets delve into the trenches of college applications with sheer confidence, and embark upon our journey&s sporting styles that can&t be stolen. Wish me luck on this adventure, and I&ll do the same for you.