College Bucket List 101

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College Bucket List 101

This is a blog post from our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University, Victoria.

College Bucket List – The things you must do before you graduate!

I’m going into my sophomore year at West Virginia University, and while my freshman year was a lot of fun – now it’s time to get serious and figure out what I want to do before my next three years are up. As a freshman I learned about a lot of things that I need to be involved in, and about a lot of things that are important to making sure I have the best experience possible.

The first thing on everyone’s college bucket list, is get involved with a group that is centered on you major! I’m currently a Public Relations major and involved in PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America). We meet once a week and organize activities and fundraisers throughout our school. They will help with internships and steer you in the right direction of your major. In fact, PRSSA is how I got to be an intern queen ambassador! ☺ But it’s not just PRSSA, there are thousands of groups out there for every different major. So when you go back to school this year, look into it – and if there isn’t a group for your major, start one! Nothing looks better on a resume then leadership.

The second thing on everyone’s college bucket list, is take crazy electives! Do something completely out of the box, and not relating to your major at all – it may just lead you into something amazing. At every college, electives are something that everyone has to take. So why take electives that just relate to your major? Take something completely off the beaten track. This year I’m taking a nutrition elective and a fashion elective, which has absolutely nothing to do with my major. However, when future employers see that I have some knowledge in those fields, that’s going to give me that extra push over someone else.

And last but certainly not least, make friends with everyone! Even if it’s someone that you may not think you would normally hang out with, talk to him or her. Everyone in my freshman year told me that it’s all about networking. So why not step outside the box and talk to people that you wouldn’t normally? And who knows, you may just meet your best friends that way (and maybe someone who can help you with those hard assignments here and there). Talking to anyone and everyone will help you to try new things, and become a part of your college.

Now those are just my top three, but here’s a list of the other things that you must do before you graduate.
• Meet the mascot and get a picture with him
• Eat at every single dining hall possible (just so you can say you have)
• Go to a sporting event
• Just pick a day, and wear you colors – be proud of where you go!
• Just get involved and try things you never thought you would!