College Interview Tips

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College Interview Tips

This is a post by Elyse H., our Spring Creek Academy High School Ambassador.

As the months progress, college interviews seem to be approaching rather quickly. Stressing over your official transcript, and cringing over your first senior year report card will only make the transition a nightmare. I just had my first college interview on Sunday. After the 45 minutes had ended, I realized that all the anxiety was a waste of time, and that it was nowhere as difficult as I thought it would be. To all those who are feeling worried about their college interviews, here are three tips that made my first experience successful.

1.)    Prepare yourself for what&s to come. Make sure you have done a sufficient amount of research on the school that you&re interviewing with. Colleges want to know that you&re truly interested in what they&re offering. Read up on their programs, majors, minors, clubs, etc. Anything that will contribute to your success in the interview. Also, make sure that you aren&t trying to memorize everything the day before your interview! You need a full nights rest to put your best foot forward!

2.)    Be honest. In my situation, I had gone to three different high schools within the course of four years. Due to the amount of transitions, the majority of my interview was based around what happened during that time, and what caused the move. By being honest, the interview became relatively easy. You&d be surprised to know how much the interviewer is routing for you! They want to find out what makes you special and unique. There is no need to be afraid. If there are some standout flaws in your transcript, don&t hide it. The admission office will see it regardless, you might as well explain the situation to them. It will only help you in the long run.

3.)    Ask questions. Asking questions shows that you&re interested in the school. I attended an info session, a tour of the department I want to major in, and I had an interview. When the time had come, I had my five questions in order, and I could confidently answer every question asked regarding the college. Not only will this assure the interviewer, but it will allow you to learn more about the school.

If you have interviews coming up within the next two months or so, I wish you the best of luck!       Keep these three tips in mind and I&m sure that you&ll ace your interview.