College Magazine - The Ultimate Resource for Students

Daily inspiration and advice for the ambitious savvy young professional

College Magazine - The Ultimate Resource for Students

This blog is written by Hannah Faust, our Campus Ambassador for Loyola Marymount University and Intern Queen intern!

With the rise in popularity of blogging and finding greener ways to get your literature fix, online magazines are the latest craze to hit the media scene. The College Crush gives daily love advice and dating info to college kids; College Candy is like the online magazine your witty and (sometimes) inappropriate roommate created. These are great resources for students, but today I would like to highlight College Magazine. With all its articles written completely by students, it’s an uncensored and realistic guide to college – reading it feels like having a conversation with a friend, classmate or sorority sister. Here are my must-reads from College Magazine:

#WishIHadKnown Freshman Year (Part 1 and 2)

College Magazine asked students nationwide to give their advice to incoming freshman in the form of a postcard. The quotes are honest, helpful and often humorous.  Viewing them brings back memories of my freshman year. I mean come on, we were ALL confused freshman, am I right? But I loved every second.

Survival Guide: College Move-In Checklist

Packing. You love it, but it’s the worst. Don’t worry, this list will do it for you. I know I used it when packing and shopping for my first apartment (a huge deal!) and it definitely came in handy.

Survival Guide: Resumes

Before you all started reading the lovely Intern Queen, where did you learn to write a resume? Don’t type resume into Google…it’s terrifying. This article is the simplest and most basic format for a resume and it is easy to read. Personally, my resume follows this exact format!

So, there you go, some of my favorite articles on College Magazine. You may be thinking, “Why do I care what your favorites are?” Great question. Go to the site and pick some favorites out for yourself!