COLLEGEFEST 2012 – Boston for 2 days, Memories for a Lifetime

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COLLEGEFEST 2012 – Boston for 2 days, Memories for a Lifetime blog image

COLLEGEFEST 2012 – Boston for 2 days, Memories for a Lifetime

This post was written by Edna Campos, our Campus Ambassador from CUNY College in New York.

The weekend that was lucky enough to host this year’s CollegeFest was that of September 22 and 23rd. CollegeFest, which takes place in Boston, is an annual event that brings together college kids from all over the country. What better way to bring college students together than by allowing them to pay the low price of $15 for a two day pass featuring tons of free goodies and tremendously talented musicians?

This two well-known musical acts were The Cataracs (you know, the ones featured in the 2010 summer hit “Like A G6”), and one of my favorite rappers, Wale. The event brought in approximately 15,000 students, the event’s highest attendance to date. The crowd was worth it, as everyone went home with a lot of free swag and pictures from the photo booth.

As I walked around the center in the afternoon, I asked people why they came out this year, and more specifically, if there was anyone in particular they were looking out for. The most popular response was, “I’m here for Wale.” Everyone knew that he would be the last to perform on Saturday night, but arrived hours before to get the gifts and to “just to hang out.” Many of the students were from Boston, and a lot attended community colleges, so this was a way for them to interact with other students and have the feel of college life.

As that night was ending, the anticipation grew and everyone in the room became more restless. The moment that everyone was waiting for had finally come; Wale was about to perform. I’m actually not so sure what everyone was more excited about, seeing Wale perform for only $15 or seeing him perform in general. The vibe in that room was something surreal, not just Saturday night but Sunday as well.

Sunday felt like a complete different group of people, although I had seen many of them the previous night. People were now looking forward to seeing The Cataracs perform, and they did not let anyone down. Although we all had to wait until the end of the night to watch them work their magic, it was worth it as they ended the weekend perfectly.

The only thing that made Sunday night bitter was knowing that we would all have to wait a year to come back and make more memories. However, all the photos that are hash tagged on Instagram with variations of CollegeFest, CollegeFest2k12, CollegeFest2012 are proof that everyone who went had an amazing time. This makes everyone wish that CollegeFest took place twice a year, to celebrate both the beginning and the end of the school year.

To all those who attended this year’s CollegeFest, I know that you had as great of a time as I did. To those who were not able to come out for the weekend, we will see you next year. I mean, who knows who will be performing then?