Commuting To Your Internship

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Commuting To Your Internship

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Q: @InternQueen Hi! I have a quick question.. Is it inappropriate to contact an internship opportunity asking if commuting is an option?

A: Hi Nolan,

Thanks for the quick note. Commuting to and from internships falls under the connecting the dots category for employers. For example, lets say you are living in Maryland (like our ambassador Tara) and applying for a Spring Internship in Washington DC. The DC employer might look at your resume and automatically think, "nope, that's too far away." They might think it's a mistake that you applied or they might have instant hesitations about you getting to work on time. It's your job to connect the dots for them in the cover letter and clearly state how you plan to commute each day. Let the employer know that this is NOT a problem for you and if you have experience doing this for another opportunity in the past, let them know. Commuting is only a problem if you make it a problem. Don't let this come between yourself and any potential employer. Commuting is very popular, especially for students who don't live in major metropolitan areas. BUT if the employer feels like there is any hesitation on your part or feels that this might be an issue, they won't hire you. Give them no reason to doubt your commitment.

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Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"