Confessions of a Vegetarian Intern

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Confessions of a Vegetarian Intern

This blog is written by Hillary, our Campus Ambassador at Virginia Tech. She is studying Communications with a concentration in PR.

Interning while simultaneously maintaining a vegetarian diet can be difficult at times. How are you supposed to have time to prepare healthy AND vegetarian dishes and snacks, while constantly doing tasks for your internship? Here is a list of some of my favorite healthy, while still vegetarian, options – don’t

worry, they won’t take long to prepare either:

  • Amy’s brand frozen meals
  • Annie’s macaroni & cheese
  • Health is Wealth veggie nuggets
  • Odwalla juices
  • Michael Season’s baked puffs
  • MorningStar vegetarian burgers

Want to make a simple vegetarian meal that is also low in calories? Here’s one way to serve up a veggie burger:

What you’ll need-

  • One thin-sliced bagel (I prefer Thomas brand)
  • One MorningStar black bean burger
  • Lettuce, tomato, or any other toppings you like
  • Calorie free dressing – ranch or chipotle ranch (I prefer the Walden    Farms brand)

Follow the instructions (available on the box) for preparing the black bean burger. While doing this, toast the bagel to your liking. Once toasted, combine all other ingredients on the bagel and add the black bean burger. Now, you have a vegetarian burger that is also healthy - Enjoy!