Confidence is Key

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Confidence is Key

This blog is written by Kristi Atkinson, our campus ambassador from the University of Idaho. She is studying international studies and public relations and will graduate in May 2013. She currently writes for her university&s newspaper and has held multiple editorial and PR internships. She is the president of Love 146 @ UI, a club on her campus and a member of Delta Zeta Sorority. She hopes to combine her passions of writing, traveling, event planning, media studies and international studies one day.

Some people have lucky underwear or a lucky penny they keep in their pocket to find confidence. For me, it&s Chapstick. I have Chapstick where ever I go or else I will go home and get it. If I don&t have it, I&m very unconfident and don&t want to talk anyone. But sometimes confidence reaches (or doesn&t) farther than a lucky penny. Sometimes it requires more. Sometimes it&s the way you present yourself.

Those who lack confidence complain about what it takes to gain confidence. In reality, it&s so simple to quickly look confident. I understand that actually being confident and looking confident are two very completely different accomplishments. But here are a few tips you can incorporate into your normal morning routine to appear confident:

1) Dress: It takes the same amount of time to get dressed no matter what you put on, but a lot of people experience a confidence issue because of the way they look. I&m not saying we need to wear heals or a suit everyday, but the difference between sweats and nice pants can change your attitude for the day and even someone else&s attitude about you. It could also even be brushing your hair or putting on a little make up (or Chapstick!)

2) Good Posture: This is similar to dressing sharp. You can tell so much about a person by the way he/she carries him/herself. A person with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements display a lack of confidence. It could also mean they had a late night and they aren&t focused. They don&t appear as if they want to be where they are. Stand up straight, keep your head high and make eye contact.

3) Be prepared: This can range from understanding what exactly you want out of the day from being prepared for a speech. This can also allow you to introduce yourself in a way that someone will for sure remember you. What exactly do you want to mention about yourself to make a great first impression?