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Employer FAQs

Welcome to our website! We're really excited to start working with you to post your internships and find you great interns! Here are a few common questions that employers ask us! If your question is not answered below, please reach out to us HERE anytime! Remember, we're in the office Monday - Friday and our office phone number is 818-856-8411.

How Can I Post Internships On

Follow the prompts on our internships posting page we can manually set up your account, just call or email us HERE.

What should my internship posting include?

You should provide clear and detailed information about your internship opportunity. Remember, whenever there is a student involved, there is a family member involved. If you were explaining an internship to a student's parent and describing why it's a beneficial opportunity and what tasks their child would be doing, what would you say? THAT is what should go into the internship listing. Also, make sure the "company bio" section is filled in. This is an opportunity to educate students on who you are, what you do, and the type of clients that you work with. Assume that students are unfamiliar with your company. If the details are listed as "anonymous", how will a student know to apply? Also, take the opportunity to speak about any accomplishments, accolades, or press mentions. It's competitive out there and you want your listing to put something here stand out. Students are likely choosing between multiple internships. Give them a reason to select your company!

When will I start getting applicants ?

In theory, you could start getting applicants within 24 hours of posting your opportunity. The majority of our clients attract at least 1-10 qualified candidates within two weeks of posting their internships. After two weeks of posting, our team will check your account to see how it's going. At that point, if your listing needs more candidates, we'll do extra social promotion and work with your team (complimentary) to find you more applicants.

Do you filter applicants?

Our team does check your account periodically. As a courtesy, we do try to filter your account and clean out any spam. If requested, we can also delete candidates who don't fit your requirements. Remember, we want to work with you and make you happy. Most importantly, we want to find you great interns!

Do you interview applicants?

For an extra charge, we can interview applicants for you. Please ask about our custom packages HERE. For our bronze, silver, and gold packages, employers are responsible for interviewing candidates.

How many rounds of interviews do you recommend?

We recommend employers conduct at least two rounds of interviews. This helps filter out candidates who aren't interested and makes the students take the process more seriously.

When do the interns start?

The intern's schedule should mirror the semester schedule. Spring interns should start their internships no later than mid-February and intern through April/May. Summer interns usually start after Memorial Day and intern through the first week of August. Fall interns typically start after Labor Day and intern through the first week of December. I recommend having your interns start at least one week after their classes start so they can get organized.

Do I need to pay my interns?

Internships are paid, unpaid, or provide a stipend. If you plan to host an unpaid internship, you must follow the Fair Labor Standards Act which can be found HERE. Remember, all internships should be supervised learning experiences. If you have other questions about internship payment or tasks, please email us, we're happy to help.

What can my interns do?

Regardless of payment, internships should follow the six criteria mentioned in the FLSA. Interns should not participate in any tasks that directly generate revenue (sales, prospecting, etc.). All tasks should provide students with an overview of a specific company and industry.

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