Connecting brands with college campuses

Expanding brands reach #IQAgency

Helping your brand connect with our network of engaged and ambitious students across the globe.

The IQ Agency creates customized programs that helps connect students with brands, providing them with another type of career opportunity that will set them up for future success.


  • Recruit, Screen, Hire, Train students to act as brand advocates on campuses worldwide.
  • Manage all communications, act as a liaison between your brand and student reps.
  • Coordinate all logistics for on-campus or off-campus activations, events, and important moments throughout campaign.
  • Use our system to track and capture all social impressions, on-campus metrics, and overall event impact.
  • Survey our student network and your student reps to understand their affinity for your brand.
  • Throw events/parties on-campus or off-campus to increase the footprint of your brand on campuses.
  • Deliver on-time and consistent reporting to capture all success metrics for your campaign.
  • Handle the creation of all marketing materials for program including (program logo, one-sheets, student training guides, program collateral, microsite, giveawtoays, etc.)

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