Couch Surfing 101: The Intern's Guide to Housing and Living

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Couch Surfing 101: The Intern's Guide to Housing and Living

This blog is written by Hannah, our campus ambassador from Loyola Marymount and one of Intern Queen&s fall interns.

It is every intern&s dream to spend a summer in a big fabulous city with an even bigger and more fabulous internship. Well congratulations! You applied, interviewed, and successfully nabbed that dream job – but now what? Sleep in subway bathrooms like Will and Jaden Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness? I don’t think so. Here is your ultimate guide to finding a (temporary) home for the summer your dreams.

University Housing

The great thing about university housing is that they always have vacancies, which means the school will do just about anything to get that room filled and paid for. Check the housing websites of all the universities in the city of your internship and see if they have an exchange program of some sort. I know for a fact that NYU in New York hosts hundreds of interns every summer.


There aren’t too many times that you will find the perfect apartment with a landlord that is willing to give you a 2-3 month lease. Thus, you should really check all your resources for people that need subleasers. Newspaper classifieds, Facebook groups, and websites like Uloop and Craigslist are all great resources to find people that need to rent out their apartment for a short period of time.


I know what you are thinking, that networking is generally a concept and activity used to further your career – well think again! Maybe you have a friend of a friend who’s cousin lives in the city and could use a couch surfer to help pay the rent. You can get details on the apartment, good information on the roommate you are sticking yourself with, etc. It’s like being backstage at a concert – you get all the nitty gritty details first!

Ask the Company!

Chances are, you are not the first intern to come from out of town. Maybe the company has a deal for cheap rates with the extended stay hotel across the street. At the very least, they have the emails of former interns, and it never hurts to shoot them an email and ask them what they did for their stay.

So good luck! And congrats on getting a fabulous internship and your impending adventure in a new city. Use these resources and you will be good to go!