Countdown: What You Should Be Doing the Final Weeks of Your Internship!

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Countdown: What You Should Be Doing the Final Weeks of Your Internship!

This is a blog written by our amazing Ohio University Campus Ambassador, Sandhya. She is currently interning at Running Subway Productions in NYC. And will be at the Intern Queen Party!

It’s almost August. That only means one thing… the end of your summer
internship. From Google searching, running for coffee, Tweeting for your company, to
assisting with events, let’s face it, these past two or three months have flown by fast.
Now that we’ve reached the home stretch, there are 4 things you need to keep in mind to
keep you motivated (& energized) for these last few impressions at your internship!

1. Be enthusiastic & ask! Have you gotten to attend a meeting or sit in on a
conference call? Is there something you’d like to learn? Just ask! Your whole
reason for interning at a company is so you can see how a company works. Show
your employer that you care about your internship & are willing to learn, even if it
is your last day.
2. Network, Network, Network! Is there someone at the your work that you
haven’t really gotten the chance to talk to? Well, now is the time to speak up and
get to know them. Find out what they do at your job. Who knows, maybe they
could help you out in the future or give you advice on your future career path!
3. Stay healthy! Keep yourself healthy & energized for the next few weeks. Eat a
healthy breakfast and get enough sleep at night. Keep a snack in your bag so you
don’t feel sluggish in the afternoon.
4. Keep your ideas fresh! Do you have a suggestion for a project that you’re
working on or something in the office? Create a file/ presentation with the
information. Let your boss know that you are thinking about the future of the
company and can help them.

And finally, stay happy! You’re gaining new experience & meeting new people,
what’s not to love? Stay positive and make the most of your last few weeks or
days of your internship.

Do you have any suggestions/motivation for your fellow interns? I’d love to hear
your thoughts, let me know below!