Countries for International Internships in Summer 2015

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Countries for International Internships in Summer 2015

This is a guest blog post by Jane Copland.

Interning helps prepare students for real world work situations. Undertaking your internship in the right city or country serves as a big advantage because it teaches you lessons that you can’t learn from a textbook. It also includes the lifestyle you will embrace as well as many other factors. Here are the top 5 countries that you should be interning in this summer.

China- Home of electronics, business, tourism, gambling, you name it, the world’s second largest economy is definitely the place to be. Offering the widest range of variety of internships to any interested person, China is the country to be in for your 2015 summer internship. Whether engineering, modeling, sales, marketing, teaching, you will never run out of opportunities. Also the friendly Chinese people as well as their well known “rice with chopsticks” culture are things not to ignore while opting for China. This will be a very one of a lifetime chance to have full understanding of the Chinese language as well as culture.

Spain- Spain is well known for its beautiful cities. Whether you are a beginner or speak Spanish fluently, this is the country of choice. With Madrid and Barcelona being the cities where you could indulge in business, law, finance, tourism not forgetting sports, soccer being the most envied sport. An internship in Spain will definitely improve your fashion since Spain is one of the countries that embraces fashion as well as home to some of the worlds famous designers. It is also a very friendly culture where one can easily blend in this is one of the most impressive facts about Spain that you just can’t forget about. After your internship, you will not even want to leave Spain!

Italy- With its famous name of Italia, Italy is definitely the place to be during your internship. Fashion, business, culture, food and money flock this European country abundantly and you can’t ignore the fact that this is the ideal place of opportunity for a young person. Seems a little bit of exaggeration but for sure it is. Whether in management, fashion and design, finance, you name it, then, Italy is the place. With glowing cities like Milan and Venice just to mention a few, you definitely need to be there. Iconic floating cities on water while going to work will definitely make your time in Italy nothing but the best of the best.

France- There are some things associated with France, like the French fries and French kisses. Reasons for even naming these should also make you want to do your internship in France. It is one of the destination countries that could fit any student as well. Whether in the medical field, business, food industry, there is more and more that France does offer. It also holds one of the greatest artistic centers that does not need someone to be conversant with art to visit but the scenic beauty attached to the place is just one of a kind.

Ireland- The great nation of Ireland to be specific! This is a great country for one to undertake an internship. With a lot of beautiful people coming from different places of the world whether for business leisure or personal commitments, the chance to undertake your internship in such a country should be perceived as a chance to greater heights. This will mean that you will have more chances with firms offering internships than in any other country. A summer internship at this commercial hub will also transform you. It is endowed with beauty, from its beautiful cities like Dublin, to beautiful people too.

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Jane Copland is a passionate PR manager at the community of freelance academic writers. She's into writing, technology and psychology.