Cozi Family Calendar Review

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Cozi Family Calendar Review

This blog is written by Megan Goodell, a senior social work student at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. She is currently in the process of deciding on graduate school and what comes next after graduation in May! Follow her on Twitter @megan_goodell.

Have trouble remembering to bring a physical assignment book or planner? More connected to your digital devices now than ever before? Need a better way to keep track of your never-ending to-do list?

Have I found a solution for you!

Cozi Family Calendar is a software that can be downloaded to your computer for free from here: Also look for it in the App Store on your iPhone or iPod touch!

I first discovered Cozi when I purchased my new laptop over Spring Break 2012. It was a software already installed on my computer, so I thought I would give it a whirl and see what I thought.

What I know about myself is that I’m definitely a ‘list’ person. I’m also very visual. If I don’t keep writing something down to remind myself to do it later, it won’t get done and will soon be forgotten. Cozi has me all figured out. There is a section labeled “Shopping” under which there are breakdown tabs for Groceries, Wholesale, and Other. You can create your grocery list right in Cozi, and have it ready to go and easy to print out when you are ready.

In a special section called “To Do”, you have a “Shared To Do” as well as a separate To Do list for each person you add to Cozi. Which brings me to another great feature!

Do you have lots of friends and/or family you like to keep tabs on? That is, always curious about friends’ schedules, if they are in class, what time your siblings might be home, when you have free time next to hang out, etc.? Because Cozi is a family calendar, you can add each person’s schedule into Cozi and make it that much easier to see your life visually displayed next to others. If you and a friend both take a class together, Cozi can display the class and indicate that both you and the friend have the class together.

Cozi’s basic function is to act like any other digital scheduling tool, but with all the extras that a family (or busy college student) could find useful! Other great features include a Journal section, as well as a Meal section. You can keep track of what you eat throughout the day all within this handy program.

Cozi is definitely a great organizational and time management tool in terms of keeping all of your necessities all in one place. Give Cozi a shot and see if it might be a new tool that could work well for you. Tell me what you think below!