A Crash Course in "Online Presence"

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A Crash Course in "Online Presence"

Kim, our NYU Campus ambassador, is studying Marketing and Computer Science at New York University's Stern School of Business. She is passionate about startups, and has been working in tech since junior year of high school. She is currently spending the semester in Prague, interning at Tech Hub and E[nstitute], while juggling other responsibilities at foursquare, Intern Queen, NYU VSA, NYU Restaurateur Club, Tech@NYU, and Stern Student Council.

Recently, I’ve been noticing that employers are asking for potential interns’ “online presence” in their applications, in addition to the standard resumé and cover letter.

And it’s no surprise – companies are now looking for savvy interns and employees who are ready for the 21st century marketplace. No longer is it okay to merely be familiar with Microsoft Office – instead, many interns are asked to deftly and knowledgably utilize the Interwebz and the many, many services it offers.

But the next time an employer asks for your “online presence” (an unnecessarily intimidating term), don’t go off and join every new social network that pops up. (Seriously. It’ll take you forever.)

Instead, opt for quality over quantity – pick a few sites that you love and develop them thoroughly. Show your potential employer that you are savvy; aside from the basics (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), check out some of these options:

- Klout: In this digital age, our reputation is moving online. Based on your engagement, popularity, and reach on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, foursquare, flickr, etc.), Klout’s algorithm scores you between 0 and 100. Anything above 50 is quite impressive!

- Pinterest: Who isn’t in love with this pinboard-styled social photo sharing website! Even better, Intern Queen is on it ;) http://pinterest.com/internqueen/

- Instagram/flickr: Show off those (amateur) photography skills – whether of your foodie finds or international travels!

- foursquare: The places you frequent (favorite neighborhood bar? academic building? chicken & rice cart?) can add another fun dimension to your online personality!

- blog: Nowadays, it’s beyond easy to start and publish to your own personal blog, thanks to Wordpress, Blogger, and tumblr. No technical coding skills required – just some dedication and an opinion!

- Youtube/Vimeo: Play the occasional director and film short videos about yourself – from “A Day in the Life of…” clip to a funny lip dub you recorded with your friends one late night in finals mania. It’s a quick and easy way to display your personality!