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Create Your Online Resume Today!

While it is essential to have a printed-paper resume when you’re going into interviews for jobs and internships, having an online resume platform is also highly beneficial. While you have the ability to elaborate on your resume when in a face-to-face interview with a company, you don’t have that luxury if you’re being selected for a position solely based on the resume and supplementary materials you submit to the company. Give potential employers a greater look into your professional experience by creating an online platform. In addition to a personal platform with your career experience, you should always utilize LinkedIn and provide consistent career information across all of your other social media sites. I’ve included a few suggestions for creating an online platform that will make you stand out. allows you to create your own personal landing page in minutes. It provides you with the opportunity to write up a short biography, include links to all of your other sites and appropriate social media accounts, as well as contact information. is free to use, and it’s a great link to include on your resume, in your e-mail signature, and on any applications as a way of providing additional information about your career experience. You can also track your site views!

Carbonmade is a great tool for aspiring artists and designers as it’s a great way to display your work. Carbonmade provides an easy, convenient interface through which your can display your projects safely and securely. Carbonmade makes it possible to create a visually appealing portfolio platform without HTML knowledge, and you can have up to five projects for free! Carbonmade is truly an affordable and easy option for those with design portfolios. is an incredible tool that allows you to create a visually appealing version of your resume that displays your career experience, education, top skills, and other relevant information. creates your page in minutes by connecting directly to your LinkedIn account and pulling the information needed to create your page. This is a more creative, fresh way to display all of the typical information one needs to share with potential employers.

Overall, there are many approaches you can take to crating an online platform with your career experience. You can choose to create an entire website with more detailed information about your experience, or you can choose one of the convenient options I’ve mentioned above. While the purpose of the resume is to provide a short, succinct outline of your experience, these sites are a great way to expand on your experience and answer any questions that potential employers may have.

Bianca is a junior music business and marketing student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She's passionate about digital marketing and is looking forward to spending the Summer interning in New York City. Follow Bianca on Twitter: @biancaeortega.