To Date, or Not To Date; That is the Question

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To Date, or Not To Date; That is the Question blog image

To Date, or Not To Date; That is the Question

Somewhere between flirting at the copy machine and coffee runs you find yourself wanting to date your fellow intern. You begin to investigate and are ecstatic when you discover your co-worker feels the same way about you. But is this romance a good idea? While I don’t think one-night stands or friends with benefits are good for the office, sometimes romance happens. So, what if you develop real feelings for one of your coworkers? I must warn you, serious applicants only.

DO find out in a non-confessing way if the romance would be against office rules. Some companies do have restrictions on just how close employees can get (technically you are a temporary employee of the company) and you don’t want to put your internship or future chances of employment on the line.

If you find out the romance is okay…

DON’T share the details of your date last night, how great of a kisser your partner is, or even that you’ve started planning your wedding. Keep the details of the relationship to yourself. Trust me, NO ONE CARES. You’re still there to do a job and if you want to be taken seriously, the last thing you want is to be the name most likely to be mentioned at the water cooler.

DO stay focused during business hours. You’re sitting at your cubicle bored and of course you’d never get on Facebook during this down time, but emailing your sweetie pie for the fifth time that day just because “you’re thinking about them,” is just as bad. Isn’t there something else you could be doing? Oh yeah…working.

DON’T change your public persona when your partner is in the room, especially during meetings. If other co-workers know they will be watching your dynamic, especially in the early stages of your relationship … so try to behave consistently. For instance, don’t suddenly start agreeing with your partner if you hadn’t done so before.

DO move slowly. The early stages of any romance, office or not, are some of the best. If you truly have feelings for your co-worker and are in for the long haul, spend time getting to know them on a personal level. Learn about their family and interests before you decide to change your last name. Most importantly make sure this occurs after hours. To your boss, hearing about your sweetie’s tough childhood isn’t a good enough excuse to return late from lunch.

Even though, I personally would be a bit skeptical, if you can handle mixing business and pleasure go for it! You never know when or where you might meet the man or woman of your dreams. They just might be one cubicle away.

This blog post was written by Alexis Reliford, our Campus Ambassador from Northwestern State University.