A Day In The Life... of a Behrman Communications Intern

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A Day In The Life... of a Behrman Communications Intern  blog image

A Day In The Life... of a Behrman Communications Intern

All of our Campus Ambassadors have such cool internships this summer and we wanted to know what their typical day looked like. What projects do they get to work on? What fun things happen in the office? Do they hang out with the other interns? Today we're featuring a day in the life of Lily Holeva, our Campus Ambassador from Pennsylvania State University, who is interning at Behrman Communications!


7:30am: This is when my first alarm goes off. I almost never actually get out of bed at this time, but it’s important to have goals, right…?

8:00am: My second alarm goes off and this is when I know it’s seriously time to start the day. I shower, do my makeup, and get dressed. I wish I was one of those girls who picked out their outfits the night beforehand, but every time I’ve tried I end up changing anyway!

9:00am: I save time not drying my hair and let it air dry on my way to work – a 20 or 25 minute walk from 23rd and 3rd Avenue (NYU Gramercy apartments) to 39th and Madison Avenue, where Behrman Communications is located.

9:05am: There are three Starbucks located in under a 5 minute walk from Gramercy- probably my favorite part about its location. I always get a coffee but tend to switch up my drink every few weeks. Right now it’s a venti skinny cafe mocha with an extra shot and extra foam.

9:25am: I stop in the deli right next door to Behrman and pick up my breakfast: a mix of whatever kind of fruit I’m feeling from the buffet that day and the biggest bottle of sparkling water I can find.

9:30am: I’m at my desk and checking my email. My supervisor sends me a "Hot List" every morning with an updated list of tasks for the week, always highlighting which are most important and when each is due. It's super helpful and makes sure I'm always on track and never looking for more things to do.

9:45am: I first check all our brand's social media profiles and related hashtags to see what consumers are saying about their products. I save links to the best Instagram and Twitter posts from users and send the list to my supervisor before I leave every Friday.

10:30am: By this time I'm usually deep into my daily Hot List. I usually start by making any edits that my supervisor sent me from the work I sent her the day before. As a social media intern, my tasks can range from drafting a brand's monthly social media content calendar (deciding what we will post on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest every day for the week) to researching articles and blog posts that relate to our brands' products, personalities, and values. One of my favorite tasks is setting up and taking pictures for the brands' Instagram accounts. One client in particular, a bath and body treatment line, has a really fun and whimsical voice so these are some of my favorite posts to create! I like to go back and forth between tasks throughout the day, always making sure to email my supervisor to let her know when I've completed a task.

1:00pm: If it's Friday then it's time for interns to leave for the day! But for Monday through Thursday around this time, I'll either order my lunch to the office through Seamless or leave to go pick it up if I'm feeling another Starbucks. I have a tendency to get the same lunch everyday once I find something I really like. For the past month, it's been either a Mexican Caesar salad with avocado from Chop’t, or a tomato mozzarella flatbread with half of a classic salad from Panera. I'm a creature of a habit I guess! For the afternoon Starbucks, it's a grande latte if I'm really feeling the afternoon crash, or a Valencia Orange refresher with raspberry and peach syrup (tastes like a sour gummy worm!) if I'm not too zombie-like.

4:00pm: This is when the UPS man comes to the office every day. At this time I pause from my daily Hot List tasks and make sure I have all of our product send outs for the day packaged and ready to go. We're constantly sending out new products to vloggers and beauty influencers in hopes they become fans and decide to share with their followers.

5:00pm: Time to go for the day. I finish up any outstanding tasks that are due at the end of the day and email my supervisor with an update of what I've finished on the Hot List for the day. I walk back home just like I walk to the office.

5:30pm: Usually 2-3 days of the week I leave my internship and walk straight to my waitressing job. On these days, I take my restaurant uniform and extra makeup for touching up to my internship. On days I'm not waitressing, I usually try to get in my gym clothes as soon as I get back to my apartment. If I don't, I might end up back in bed and be napping before I know it.

6:00pm: I usually am at NYU's gym at this time which is located only blocks from my apartment. There's a Trader Joe's right next door to the gym so after I run for 45 minutes or so, I stop in to pick up ingredients for that night's dinner.

7:00pm: If I'm not ordering in that night, I'll be cooking around this time. I've never been much of a chef, but I'm trying to use this summer as an excuse to learn! New York is crazy expensive if you get take out every night, and it's easier to eat healthy this way too.

8:00pm: I'm usually showered by 8 or 9 and talking with my roommates about our day. My current living situation is like an international version of Friends! My roommate Sanjana is an Indonesian film student at NYU. She was born in California but very often travels and has lived for periods of time in India. My other two suitemates are Italian medical students, Giovanni and Mikol. This summer is their first time in the US and it's been so cool being a part of their first American experience!

9:00pm: Sometimes I'll go for a walk around this time (all too often to the Times Square Sephora which is open until 12am.) Otherwise I'm probably in bed catching up on Orange Is The New Black or Game of Thrones, or on the phone with Zoë, my best friend from home.

1am: If it's a waitressing night I usually am just leaving the restaurant around this time. If I've had the night off I try to be asleep at this point and take advantage of the nights I can get a full 8 hours in!

My favorite part of working at a beauty public relations agency is that I’m constantly surrounded by products and an industry I’m so passionate about. It’s definitely an amazing environment that allows me to be creative, innovative, and think outside the box. The best part about having an internship is helping you decide that you’ve made the right career choice and picked an industry that inspires you. I know I definitely have, and am excited for my future in beauty PR!