A day in the life of a Fashion Stylist

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A day in the life of a Fashion Stylist

This blog was written by Lauren Emerick.

This semester I’m interning at a popular magazine for teenagers in NYC. It has been an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much. One of my favorite days so far was when I got to assist on a photo shoot for the magazine! I was so excited when I heard I would be going. I spent the day assisting the stylist at the photo shoot. I wanted to share what it takes to be a stylist and what I learned the day I was assisting her.

When we first got to the photo shoot, the stylist had to make sure she had everything in her stylist kit ready. Her kit consisted of tape, safety pins, scissors, clips and many other important necessities to fix any clothing problems. Next, she had to look at the looks that were going to be shot that day. Although she did a lot of the styling of the looks, the Editor-in-chief of the magazine had to approve everything before it could be photographed. After looking at the outfits, she had to consult with the hair and makeup team so they could figure out appropriate hair and makeup to go with the desired looks.

After this process, it was time for the model to get ready. The first thing was to get hair and make-up done. After this, the model put on the outfit that was selected. Then the stylist would adjust anything that needed to be fixed and help her put on the accessories. There was a lot of jewelry to choose from so this could take a few minutes. Now it is the fun part, time to take pictures! The photographer and stylist would look over the pictures after they were shot. If there was anything that needed adjusted clothing, hair, or make-up wise, more shots would need to be taken. This whole process was repeated for the rest of the looks.

It was a very long day and being a stylist is a lot more than just picking out clothes! I really learned a lot and even got to help style a few looks! Being a clothing stylist can be a hard job but, it is very rewarding in the end to see your looks featured in magazines.