A Day in The Life... of a Macy's Intern!

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A Day in The Life... of a Macy's Intern! blog image

A Day in The Life... of a Macy's Intern!

All of our Campus Ambassadors have such cool internships this summer and we wanted to know what their typical day looked like. What projects do they get to work on? What fun things happen in the office? Do they hang out with the other interns? Today we're featuring a day in the life of Katie Milliken, our Campus Ambassador from University of Wisconsin, who is participatng in a Store Management Internship with Macy's

At the risk of sounding cliché, there is no “typical” day in the life of a retail intern. However, if my day looked like this, I’d label it that way! Sometimes I work in the morning, sometimes I work at night, and sometimes I’m not even in my store because I’m in another store or the district office. I love it this way though, as it provides exposure to the many, many factors that go into successfully running a store!

5:45am: Up and at ‘em! Time to jump in the shower.

6:00am: Turn on iTunes Radio, brew a cup of coffee, and get ready for the day!

6:45am: Leave for work. Commuting from Chicago to the suburbs takes about 45 minutes, but I stay entertained by listening to the radio, eating breakfast (I’ve been loving the overnight oats recipes blowing up Pinterest), and drinking another cup of coffee.

7:45am: Arrive at work and check my email and the intern portal. I then plan out my day, taking into consideration the demands of the store and the assignments required by my program.

8:30am: Check numbers from the previous day and finish up any offstage work that I need to get done. I’ll also check in with my mentor to see how our schedules for the day line up. 

9:00am: Meet with the management team to review the previous day and discuss focuses for the day. We discuss company initiatives as well as things that are going on in our store, so everyone is on the same page.

9:45am: Gather up all of the associates for the “morning rally.” During this time, we again communicate the company and store initiatives to keep the whole store on the same page. We also recognize associates for great behaviors or great results from the previous day. 

10:00am: The store opens! To start the day off strong, I walk the area that I am assigned to for the day (usually Men’s, my focus for the summer) and connect with every associate to energize them and see if there is anything they need. I also greet every customer that I see to make them feel welcome.

10:30am: Continue to work with the selling associates in my area, observing the way they interact with customers and identifying opportunities for recognition or redirection. I also make sure the area is staffed efficiently and looks tidy for the customers, as well as assist associates with any customer situations or problem solving that they need help with. 

12:00pm: Meet with an executive in the store. Sometimes I meet with a senior executive and my mentor to talk about our department. Other times I meet with executives individually and ask them about their positions to learn more about the company and the industry.

1:00pm: Lunch! I usually grab a coffee from the Starbucks in the store and a sandwich that I packed, then eat with all of the other opening managers.

2:00pm: Back to the floor! I check in with my associates again to see how their days are going and keep the energy level up. I also coach them on behaviors that I'm concentrating on for my intern project. 

3:00pm: Meet with the management team for a mid-day touch-base. We discuss how the store is doing so far that day and strategies to employ for the remainder of the day. 

4:00pm: Check my email and finish any work I have to do online, then return to the floor to touch base with the associates on the floor one more time. I love talking to them!

5:00pm: Head back to the city, if I resist the urge to shop in the gorgeous mall that my store is located in. It's very tempting!

6:00pm: Arrive back in Chicago, change, and meet up with a friend or two for dinner somehwere around where I live. 

8:30pm: Return to my apartment and relax with my roommates. We watch a lot of TV in our apartment, with HGTV and The Bachelorette being favorites!

10:00pm: Bedtime! I can’t believe that during the school year, I stayed up until 1am every night. Being an adult (well...almost) is exhausting!