A Day In The Life... Of a Seventeen Intern!

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A Day In The Life... Of a Seventeen Intern! blog image

A Day In The Life... Of a Seventeen Intern!

All of our Campus Ambassadors have such cool internships and we wanted to know what their typical day looks like. What projects do they get to work on? What fun things happen in the office? Do they hang out with the other interns? Today we're featuring a day in the life of Beatrice Rivera, our Campus Ambassador from Rutgers University, who is a features intern at Seventeen in New York!

At Seventeen, there is no such thing as a typical day in the office, especially as a features intern. Here is where I have sharpened my editing, research, and writing skills-something I am so proud of! I make sure to stay on top of my game and say yes to every assignment or errand that I am asked to do, as I see it as an opportunity to gain more exposure in the features department.

7:00am: Rise and grind! Literally jump off my bed with my dog to stretch- I cannot start off my day without stretching! I also have at least two glasses of water; it’s a great, healthy benefit to your body!

7:30am: Plug in my iPod to my radio, cook breakfast, and get ready for the day! Music always gets me moving quicker!

8:25am: Leave for work. I commute to New York City from New Jersey, so I take a train. My commute to the office takes an hour, so I make sure to read a book or browse through my phone for news and trends.

9:15am: Take the subway to 57th Street! It’s always great seeing New Yorkers rush to where they have to go or helping people get to their destinations. I help at least one person on the way to work and one on the way back home.

9:30am: Scan my ID card to get into the Hearst Tower, then take the elevator to the 17th floor (how awesome is that? Seventeen is located on the 17th floor - I’m sure this was a coincidence!) The elevator rides are great because they provide Hearst employees with news and information about Hearst (for example: The Seventeen mobile app for the iPhone is out now!)

9:35am: Interns typically start at 10am, but I like to get a head start on my day in the office. I log in and check my emails, fill up my water bottle, grab some coffee, check out the freebies table to see if there are any good books I can take home, and check Alexandra, the lifestyles/entertainment editor, mail. After checking her mailbox, I’ll stop by the entertainment director’s office to see if she has any packages. (Fun fact: Alex is also an Intern Queen Alumni Ambassador! I love being a part of our #InternQueenFamily)

9:40am: Open any mail or packages for Alex and the entertainment director with the other intern, Maria, and organize it on the table. Books are organized by release dates, cd’s and dvd’s are put together, etc. Once we are done opening up packages and mail, I email the editor so she can stop by and sort out which things to bring to the entertainment director’s office and which to place on the freebies table.

10:00am: Compile a To-Do list for the day; I cannot live without To-Do lists! Once I’ve completed the list, I go into our shared Google Drive to open up or create the documents the other feature interns and I will be working on. Some days we will work on things together, and other days we will work on different assignments from different editors and assistants.

10:05-12:30pm: Compile The Daily Clips with the features interns. We browse through the Internet for business, tech, gossip, teen, and world news to keep the department updated with what is going on in the world today. We also browse through Seventeen’s website to see if we can include any news they have that we can use instead of using another site’s link. This is where my research skills get to work! We also browse through celebrity’s social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, to see what cool things they’re doing. We make sure they’re celebrities that can be featured in Seventeen.

12:30/1pm: Meet the interns for lunch! I normally bring food with me because it saves so much money for me (NJ Transit student monthly passes and Metro Cards can be expensive!) We eat at the cafeteria downstairs and discuss what assignments we have to work on for the rest of the day and if there is any way we can help each other out.

2:00-2:30pm: Edit The Daily Clips to see if there is any news and pictures we can add to the document. I also browse through Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to find any news I can send to the editors who work on Seventeen’s website (if the articles I have found aren’t on their site, they thank me for the great find, and write about the news to post on their website/blog.)

2:30-4:00pm: Our Fashion/Love editor, Lindsay, usually asks for guy quotes about specific topics, especially if they’re working on a new issue. There’s an age range, as it’s for Seventeen, so I browse through Facebook or Twitter and ask my friends or a friend of a friend between the age range, collect the information, and add it to a document that I share with Lindsay. The other interns and I work together when researching quotes to gather diverse answers. It’s so much fun! If she doesn’t need any guy quotes, I usually transcribe any interviews Alex needs for me to do (I cannot even describe how great it is to transcribe interviews, it’s almost as if you’re one-on-one with the interviewee!)

4:00pm: Send out The Daily Clips to the editorial department and print out a hard copy for Meaghan O’Connor, who is the executive assistant to the editor-in-chief (she also spoke at this year’s Intern Queen Party in NYC!) If Alex needs any help with the Traumarama page, I’ll seek out anyone I know for hilariously embarrassing stories and send them over to her.

4:00-5:30pm: Create 20 polls for the Seventeen iPhone app. If you have an iPhone, I recommend you download it; the polls are very fun to answer and there are so much featured in this app! I browse through previous issues of Seventeen for inspiration when creating the polls. The other interns and I have recently created a document to jot down any ideas we have to create future polls.

5:30-6:10pm: I check my To Do list to make sure I have completed all of my tasks. If there is a specific long-term assignment I am working on, I make sure to email the editor that needs the assignment about where I left off and how much longer I have to go. I also check in with the editors to see if they need anything else that I can take off their plate, reply to emails, clean up my desk, and log out.

6:10-7:20pm: Take the subway back to New York Penn Station. My train back home usually arrives at 6:45pm and departs at 6:56. On the train ride home, I take note of things I had learned in the office that day, or any ideas I can come up with for quotes or contacting people for the magazine. I then work on reading assignments for my classes.

7:30-9:30pm: Arrive home from New York City. I eat dinner with my mother and we discuss how our days went about, catch an episode of The New Girl on Netflix (season three is available now!), and shower.

9:30-11:30pm: Work on homework, review what I need to do for the week in my planner (my planner is my best friend), and pick out my outfit for the next morning (I’ve been finding a lot of my inspiration for my outfits through Pinterest).

This is how one day can be like at Seventeen. Other days I will work mostly on transcribing interviews, or researching any information that our senior editor needs. Sometimes we are asked to run specific errands, which allow me to explore places of New York City that I had no idea existed! Other days, the interns and I will go out to eat together, or swing by the nearest Forever 21 to shop! It’s a fast-paced environment, which helps me develop stronger multi-tasking skills, and I am grateful for it. Each day is different; we are assigned different types of assignments, which allow me to learn how to do my job in many different ways, all while learning about what the magazine focuses on.