A Day in the Life of a Sprayground Intern!

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A Day in the Life of a Sprayground Intern! blog image

A Day in the Life of a Sprayground Intern!

I work for a backpack company called Sprayground as the photo intern. Sprayground has really cool innovate designs and is always collaborating with different artists and celebrities. As the photo intern I get to work on a lot of hands on projects and I am constantly shooting. Here is a look into a typical day as a photo intern at Sprayground.

7:00am: I usually wake up before my alarm and then get to crawl down from the bunk bed of my small East Village bedroom. Since I wake up early I get to relax a little bit and check my emails or work on some photo editing.

8:30am: I leave my apartment and take the train to the Times Square 42nd Street stop. 8:30am is actually a really terrible time to leave because I often have to wait for a couple of trains because it is so jammed packed and I can’t always fit into the first train that comes.  

9:00am: I arrive at the office and usually grab a chai latte from the break room. I start working on editing and retouching photos from any shoots that I haven’t gotten to yet and check my emails to see what will be going on that day.

9:30am: On a typical day I will go out into the city to shoot lifestyle shots with a model with our different bags. My boss Albert gives me the contact info of the model who will come into the office and then I start brainstorming where in the city I should take them.

10am: At this time Albert and I will go through the inventory to see which bags have not been shot for lifestyle yet. We then pull the bags we think will fit best with the model.

10:30am: The model arrives at the office and then they show us the looks they brought. I pull any last minute bags I think might fit and then we head out to shoot.

11:00am: The model and I arrive at whatever destination I chose. The last time I did lifestyle shots my model Jackie and I got off at the Morgan Ave stop and we shot around all the buildings with the cool street art. When I do lifestyle shots it is usually just myself and the model together so it is fun getting to talk to each other and learn about where they are from.

1:00pm: We arrive back at the office, they sign the model release form, and then we exchange Instagram names. Instagram is the way creatives now share their work and keep in contact with other people in the industry so it is really important to connect at the end. It is also a great way to continue to grow our online audience and connecting is also a good resource for future projects.

1:30pm: I head out to lunch and grab something quick to bring back to the office. There is a Japanese food place around the corner so I usually get a salmon poke salad. Salmon is my favorite!

2:00pm: After lunch I start editing the photos I shot for lifestyle or work on retouching photos for our in house photographer Jonnelle.

4:00pm: There are always product shots to complete so I will go into the studio with Jonnelle to shoot those. We have to get all angles of the bags and detail shots and then after shooting we give those images to the design team to prepare for the website and catalogues. 

6:00pm: After product shots are complete I head out of the Sprayground office and take the train to Chelsea to go right to my next job as a hostess at a restaurant called Buddakan.

11:30pm: Depending on the night and how busy it is I will get out of the restaurant around this time. I then take the bus back to the East Village.

12:00am: I finally get home around this time. Right under my apartment is a bodega and I always grab a grilled cheese and then head upstairs.

12:30am: After eating my grilled cheese and taking a little time to relax I crawl back up to the shaky bunk bed where I go to sleep so I can wake back up and begin the hustle all over again.

My schedule can be pretty exhausting since I intern during the day and work at night, but it is definitely all worth it. At Sprayground I have a lot of creative freedom and it is amazing being able to shoot and actually make content for the company. New York City is such an amazing place for creatives and there are so many opportunities to collaborate and meet other likeminded and hardworking people. I wouldn’t have it any other way.