A Day in the Life: Taking on Monday!

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A Day in the Life: Taking on Monday!

This blog post outlines a day in the life of Campus Ambassador Mary, a junior at Quinnipiac University!

7:00am: Wake up, check emails and InternQueen.com, and get ready to tackle the day.

9:00am:  Consumer Behavior class

10:00am: Study time!

11:00am: Business Communications class (perfecting my business writing skills!)

12:00pm: Work in Admissions Office talking to families and prospective students

4:00pm: Intern Queen time! Writing articles, catching up on my emails and tweets with other Campus Ambassadors, love them!

5:00pm: Product and Pricing Strategy class

7:00pm: Dinner with my roommates after a loooong day

9:15pm: Student Team Consultants meeting (love being involved!)

11:00pm: Bedtime (if I am lucky)!!