De-clutter Your Clutter and Focus

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De-clutter Your Clutter and Focus

This is a guest post from our Campus Ambassador, Jennifer Magnusson from Arizona State University.

The end of the semester is very near for many, and it’s time to really step up for finals time! Hours upon hours of studying and finishing projects should be the focus for April. Make your minutes count when studying. A wise person once said, “A cluttered room is a cluttered mind”. Here are some helpful hints to ease your mind during this stressful month for you and your study space.

#1Go through all your school papers. Make a “keep” pile, “maybe” pile, and a “toss” pile. I know it can be overwhelming with tons of school papers, but it’s important to figure out what you actually need and what useless papers you don’t need.

#2 Organize your studying place… you may even have multiple places you study, so this step Is crucial. It’s important to really make your study space count. Have room for your books, your laptop, and your important class notes. Push everything else to the side or even hide the clutter temporarily until the semester is over. Trust me, this helps!

#3 A simple solution I find most handy is make your bed! This simple step will make your room feel a whole lot cleaner instantly.

#4 Almost related to step #2, is put your school books and syllabuses in the ”center” of your room. Your eye will automatically see what’s really important and your mind will be at ease when you don’t need to search your room.

#5 This step could be a little time consuming, but erase files you don’t need on your laptop. It won’t be tempting to open unnecessary documents when it’s crunch time to focus.

While these steps will be helpful for you to unclutter your room, remember to also prioritize your commitments. It is crucial to take a step back and realize what your priorities are towards the end of the semester. Good luck de-cluttering, and happy studying!