Do-It-Yourself: Networking

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Do-It-Yourself: Networking

This blog is written by Melissa, our campus ambassador for Indiana University. Melissa will graduate this May!

Here&s a tip I&m sure everyone has heard a million times: network, network, network. It&s common, but SO important that you can&t ever be reminded enough! With most schools starting sometime in the last few weeks, I wanted to give some tips on how to network through various channels at your university.

  • Attend callout meetings: Every callout is a chance to meet your peers and get to know students with interests similar to your own. Get to know more about the club or organization as well, because many of the job opportunities you apply to love to see well-rounded, involved students!
  • Attend the career and internship fairs: Even if you aren&t looking for something right then (for example, a fall internship) it&s always great to go to events and get to know what companies are at the fair. Even if you don&t need a position right away, by networking, you&ll have a foot in the door for the spring and summer!
  • Go to your professor&s office hours: A lot of people see office hours as a time for questions. It definitely is that, but it&s also a great opportunity to get to know your professors on a more personal level. It&s a great time to learn from their experiences, and hopefully build a relationship that can benefit you in multiple ways (like a recommendation letter for an internship!)
  • Attend the networking events: DUH! Many schools have a career services office that will put on networking events for different fields. Attend the events and make it worth your while by exchanging contact information and picking up the information they&re giving out -- you never know when it will come in handy!

What tips did I leave off? Every university is different, and we&d love to hear what you do to network!