Do you have the Intern Queen Spring Break essentials?

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Do you have the Intern Queen Spring Break essentials? blog image

Do you have the Intern Queen Spring Break essentials?

This post was written by Jackie Pecquex, our campus ambassador for the University of Wisconsin.
Heading somewhere warm for spring break? I’m going to Florida in just a few weeks! Here’s my list of what to bring:

1) A cute hat. We can all agree - a scalp burn is uncomfortable and gross, especially when it starts to peel. Prevent pain by wearing a cute hat! For beaches, a straw fedora or floppy hat can be especially cute. I got this one from Aldo and removed the flower!

2) It goes without saying, but: swimsuits! You can find the cutest of suits at Victoria’s Secret or Asos. If you’re trying to spend less, Old Navy has a multitude of swimsuits at lower prices.

3) A beachy tote. The bigger the better! You need room to fit your towel, sunscreen, books, iPod - whatever you choose to bring for a day at the beach. A classic, inexpensive and durable beach bag is the canvas tote from Lands’ End.

4) Light, cotton dresses. As the temperature rises, you want to be wearing the thinnest, most breathable fabrics you can. Try Target for its large selection of cute and inexpensive dresses!

5) Beach shoes. By now everyone and their mother is a fan of the Old Navy $4 flip flops (or however cheap they are), but other options are out there, too! I recently bought a pair of Birkenstocks (in the “Granada” style) in preparation for my spring break - they’re super comfortable and different.

Photo Credit: The Chic Side of Life