Do you Zune?

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Do you Zune?

I have to admit, when it comes to technology, especially anything music related, I&m not the coolest. On a daily basis, I use my Blackberry & my computer, and I&m pretty set. Microsoft sent me a Zune in the mail, no strings attached. I thought it would sit in the box for a few days and maybe I would get some sort of use out of it. Well, the good news is that this is one of my new favorite little toys - not only does it look sleek and just like any smart phone - but it stores everything. It&s like having all of my media files on my computer with me at all times. I&ve now stored hundreds of my favorite pictures, podcasts, and of course - my tunes.

Over the weekend, this was in my purse and I caught myself taking it out to show friends and show them pictures that I had saved on there from old family trips and nights out. There are so many fun features with the Zune and I&ve yet to even get into them! I&m too busy playing with the convenient features that I love.

Some of the features that appeal to my lifestyle are:

  • HD Radio - of course everyone needs this :)
  • If you have a Zune account, you have access to over 7 Millions songs available on the Zune store.
  • While traveling or at school, you can hook up your Zune to your television to watch movies/TV shows.

But seriously...for any young person who is constantly on the go...check out the like having your life with you at all times.