Don't Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There

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Don't Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There

Dear Students,

When I started over 3 years ago, everyone told me it wasn't possible. They thought it was RIDICULOUS that I wanted to start a business based on the concept that I was the "Intern Queen". When I say "they" - I mean my parents, friends, and co-workers. People laughed. They made of fun of me behind my back. And they said I would never be able to do it.

I had a gut feeling about my idea. Whenever I put effort into my business idea, I would see a giant return. I knew that it was appealing - because it was based on something I wanted when I was in college. I couldn't stop thinking about the idea and knew I would have to run with it. That gut feeling took me to where I am today. If I had listened to the jokes, the negativity, the doubt that other people had (even the closest people in my life) - I wouldn't be where I am today.

When you decide what you want to do - tell people. Don't be afraid and don't hold back. Go with your gut. Put it out there.

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"